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Selling New 2x Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3 & 1x DJM-800 DJ Mixer + 1x DJ Coffin Case + 1x HDJ 2000 headphones and Others

Contact Name : Linc Walker Contact Email : Contact MSN chat : Skype :Electronics247

Selling New 2x Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3 & 1x DJM-800 DJ Mixer + 1x DJ Coffin Case + 1x HDJ 2000 headphones and Others Numark CDX Direct-Drive CD Turntable:$500 Numark TTX Direct-Drive Turntable::$300 Numark X2 Pro Hybrid Turntable And CD / MP3 Player:..$700 Numark DVD01 Dual DVD Player::$400 Numark 5000FX 12\" 5-Channel Tabletop Mixer :.$400 Numark DXM09 Digital DJ Mixer:$350 Numark NS7 DJ Turntabel Controller::$900 Numark AVM02 Audio/Video Mixer with Effects :$700 Numark CM200USB 5-Channel 19\" Rackmount DJ Mixer:.$300 Numark DXM06 2-Channel Digital Mixer:.$350 Numark iDJ 2 DJ Console for the iPOD ::..$540 Numark NuVJ Video Mixer ::::$200 Numark CM100 Club Series DJ Mixer:.$250 Denon DN-X500 Professional 19\" Mixer :$250 Denon DN-X100 Professional 2-Channel DJ Mixer:$150 Denon DN-S5000 Tabletop DJ CD Player:$400 Denon DN-D9000 Dual Pro CD Player:..$700 Denon DJ Compact CD/USB Media Player and Controller:..$320 Denon DN-D4500 Dual CD/MP3 Player:.$300 Denon DN-S3000 Table Top DJ CD Player Refurb:$200 Denon DN-S3500 Professional CD/MP3 Turntable:..$470 Denon DN-D6000 Dual CD MP3 Player Refurb::.$300 Denon DN-D6000 Dual CD MP3 Player:::.$400 Denon DN-HD2500 Hard Disk Media Player/Controller:$400 Denon DN-X900 Professional 19\" Analog/Digital Mixer:..$350 Korg ZERO4 Live Control Mixer ........$700USD Korg ZERO8 Live Control Console Mixer.$1100USD Korg KM-202 2-Channel KAOSS DJ Mixer........$300USD 2x PIONEER CDJ-1000MK3 & 1x DJM-800 MIXER DJ PACKAGE...1500 USD Pioneer CDJ-1000 CD Player.......$350 Pioneer CMX-3000 Twin CD Player......$250 Pioneer CDJ-800 CD Player---$300 Pioneer CDJ-1000MK2---$340 Pioneer CDJ-800MK2---$320 Pioneer CDJ-1000mk2---$280 Pioneer CDJ-500 CD-Player---$200 Pioneer DJM-1000---$470 Pioneer DJM-800---$320 Pioneer DJM-600 Mixer---$200 Pioneer DJM-3000 19\" Mixer---$210 Pioneer DJM-600-S Mixer---$250 Pioneer DJM-909 Battle Mixer---$220 PIONEER SVM-1000 :$2500 Pioneer CDJ-1000 MK3:.$500 Pioneer CDJ-1000MK2:..$450 Pioneer CDJ-200 Pro CD Player $150 Pioneer DVJ-X1 DJ Video Player $1000 Pioneer CDJ-800MK2 Professional CD/MP3 Turntable $350 Pioneer DVJ-1000 Professional DVD Turntable $1000 Allen & Heath Xone:92 Fader DJ Mixer::..$1000USD Allen & Heath Xone:464 16 Input Pro Club DJ Mixer:$1100USD Allen & Heath Xone:02 Battle Mixer::$280USD Vestax PMC-05PROIII DJ Mixer:..$300USD Vestax PMC-500 DJ Mixer:.$900USD Vestax PMC-05PROSL DJ Mixer with Sampling:..$350USD Vestax PMC-06 Pro A 2 Channel DJ Scratch Mixer:$200USD Vestax VCI-100 Tabletop DJ MIDI Controller ::. $250USD Vestax PMC-08Pro Professional Hybrid Digital Mixer:..$450USD Vestax PMC-05PROSL DJ Mixer with Sampling:..$300USD PIANO Yamaha YDP223 88 Key Weighted Action Digital Piano with Bench---$1250 Yamaha YPG525 Portable Grand Home Digital Piano----$299 Yamaha YDP323 Home Digital Piano---$870 Yamaha U1 48 inch Professional Upright Piano---$2000 Yamaha CP300 Piano---$1500 Yamaha CP33 Piano---$890 GUITAR Yamaha AE 2000 Jazz Guitar 1978 The Prototype---$1400 Yamaha AEX 1500 Electric Guitar Natural---$950 Yamaha AES920---$1000 Yamaha GC41----$2000 Yamaha CJ32----$1900 Yamaha LJ26----$2300 Yamaha BBNE2---$1800 Rane MP 4 Rackmount DJ Mixer......$300USD Rane MP44 DJ Club Mixer.................$1000USD Rane Empath Touring/Club Mixer..........$700USD Rane MP 2016a 6-Channel Rotary Mixer.....$800USD Rane TTM 57SL Performance Mixer with Serato Scratch...$700 Rane TTM 56 Performance Mixer...................$500USD Rane MP 4 Rackmount DJ Mixer......$300USD Mapex Saturn Crossover Drum Set Electric Blue Sparkle Lacquer $1500usd Pearl VX925SC54 VX Vision Metallic Orange Covered 5-Piece Drum Set .$450 Roland TD9S V Tour Electronic Drum Set.........................$800usd Roland TD9S V-Tour Electronic Drum Set with Mesh Snare Heads (Black)..$1000usd Yamaha DTXpress IV Electronic Drum Set..............$500usd Hart Dynamics Studio Master TE3.2 Electronic Drum Set (Standard)...$900 RET Percussion JAZZ-E 4 Piece Electronic Drum Set.............$1500usd Takamine EAN10C-LH Left Handed Acoustic Electric Dreadnought Guitar..$650usd Parker NFODB Mojo Electric Guitar - Dusty Black.......$1200usd Taylor 210CE Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar....$500usd Takamine EF360SC Acoustic Electric Guitar Natural.....$700usd WARRANTY ======================== We give 1 year warranty for every product sold out to our costumers,our products are company class 1 tested and approved by Global standard organization of wireless industries. Contact Name : Linc Walker Contact Email : Contact MSN chat : Skype :Electronics247


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